Education Lead Automation

Integrate Education Marketing Automation & Multiply your Leads. Enhance the students’ engagement by sending them regular SMS, emails, and push notifications about courses and other important details.

With the education industry getting wider, its dimensions are also getting dispersed. Secondly, the education system has adopted smart ways for conducting classes and teaching students. Thus, it calls for effective education marketing automation solutions wherein the students are updated regularly via emails and SMS making them aware of the exam updates and other important details as well. We at Cronberry, provide the best ever education marketing software for the education industry. We also serve as a marketing automation platform for higher education seekers as well. Be it the service, or the quality and pricing, everything is perfect; you just need to contact us, and we’re on your service to give you the best ever marketing automation experience.

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Features for your School, College, University & Institute

Higher Education Marketing Automation

Convert inquiries to enrollments

Capture leads from all channels

Capture leads from website, banner ads, inquiry generation directories, telephone, email and social media with out of the box connectors

Automate your admission process

Don’t let a single inquiry, lead or opportunity slip through the cracks – with automated and personalized communication, followups and notification

Reduce response time to zero

Send relevant and personalized messages as soon as the lead gets captured and engage them till admission team makes a connect

Understand applicant's motivation

Understand student’s motivations and behavior by tracking what they are doing on your website and landing pages

Send enrollment alerts

Assist your admission team by telling them the best time to make a connect. Send them alerts on email and phone

Never miss a followup

Allow your admissions officers to manage their complete schedule on LeadSquared. As soon as they log in, they’ll see their tasks for the day.

Multi channel marketing

Reach applicants on their preferred channels – email, phone, social media or college portal or text messages.

Admissions on the go

Enable your admissions team to work on-the-go with mobile app during field events, fairs and travel

Automate funnel movement

Do much more than just engaging your applicants with drips. Use workflows to change admission stages automatically or update any other applicant information when a pre-defined activity takes place.

Send instant enrolment notifications

If an applicant in the nurturing path takes an enrollment relevant action, the system sends a notification to enrollment team, making sure that the right applicants get immediate attention.

Create inter-dependent workflows

Create workflows that work in-sync to automate complex enrollment processes. For ex: When an applicant moves down the admission funnel, multiple nurturing paths can get triggered automatically.

Segment your applicants for targeted campaigns

Segregate your applicants based on their demographic profiles, activities, interests and any other variable you want. Send them highly-relevant and personalized information throughout the application cycle. You can also perform custom list actions. Ex: Send all the leads in one list to a call center application for automated dialing with one click.

Boost the number of qualified leads

By capturing the students’ data, you can enhance their engagement of both the potential as well the existing students, thereby boosting the overall number of qualified leads.

Extract students’ data from social media platforms

By integrating our education marketing software, you can easily extract the students’ profile information from various platforms and channels and accordingly induce their involvement by sending them regular automated notifications.

Captivate students’ interest by sending them regular updates

You can also segregate the students’ category as per their interests and demographic information collected from various platforms like Facebook Ads, websites, application and google forms, and therefore, send them regular updates accordingly.

Keep track of the student activity and data analytics

Our automation tool lets you keep track of the potential and existing students’ activity so that it becomes easier for you to see which channel is appropriate to fetch more student leads and see which channel needs more efforts to bring positive results.