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Project management is the art of orchestrating and overseeing a series of tasks and activities to achieve specific goals within a defined timeframe. It involves the careful planning, organizing, and controlling of resources, budgets, schedules, and stakeholders to ensure successful project completion.

Best sales automation software

Marketing, Lead & Sales Automation Platform


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A robust software to capture leads from phone calls

Capture all calls – inbound, outbound, and even voicemails (missed calls) as leads. Attribute all phone calls to their source campaigns and identify the most profitable ones to reinvest your ad money on them. Record calls and track all ongoing nurturing activities as well.

Out-of-box integration with telephony and IVR tools

Sales automation starts with lead capture automation. Capture leads from IVR service providers and cloud calling/cloud telephony solutions like Exotel, Ozonotel, Ameyo, RingCentral, etc. automatically. Never miss an inquiry from your ads on TV, radio, event, and newspaper that tapped your IVR client. Follow up with them at the earliest and bring your lead leakage down to zero.


ivr calling
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Online lead capture platform for your PPC and digital ads

Capture leads from your ad campaigns running on AdWords, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms. Capture lead data and track the response from every source and plan your marketing budget accordingly. Reduce your cost per lead with conversion-optimized responsive landing pages.


B2B marketplaces Capture leads from B2B marketplaces

B2B Marketplaces are an important lead source for most B2C companies. No matter what industry you are in – education, finance, real estate, healthcare, or any other, Autoresponderz automatically captures leads from them via in-built connectors or APIs.


Best sales automation software

Automatically capture website and chat leads in CRM

Integrate your website forms, landing page, and chat tools with Autoresponderz with zero technical help. Capture these leads, along with their conversations seamlessly. Understand their intent and connect with them through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or phone – before your competitors. Autoresponderz also provides responsive form builders to create landing pages or lead capture pages for your campaigns in a go.


Quotation, Sales Order & Invoice

Create, manage, print & share your Quotation, Sales Order & Invoice


A Quote is a formal statement issued by seller to the prospective buyer, basically on a request for a quotation. It contains the detailed list of Products and Services, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved, Address information, Terms and Discounts. Quotation send by email and sms to the customer. User can share quotation print on whatsapp.

Sales Order

Sales Order is an internal document generated within the company after the Purchase Order is received. It helps your sales team track all the Products or Services that should be manufactured, shipped etc according to the agreed prices and dates. Sales Order comprises Sales Order number, Billing and Shipping Address, Products or Services, Prices and Taxes, Terms and Discounts. User can share Sales Order print on whatsapp.

Sales Invoice

An invoice is a non negotiable itemized statement issued by a seller for the Products and Services rendered to the buyer. Invoice can also be called as a Bill in simple words. It usually contains the Products or Services details, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved, Address information, Terms and Discounts.User can share Sales Invoice print on whatsapp.

Purchase & Inventory

Create, manage, print & share your Purchase & Inventory

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a legal document handled over to a vendor to purchase Products or Services. It offers you a channel to explain your requirements and intentions explicitly. Purchase Orders comprise the purchase order number, vendor details, product or service details, terms and conditions, prices, etc. User can share Purchase Order print on whatsapp.

Sales Order

A vendor is a person or organization that supplies Products or Services to your company. A vendor can also be a manufacturer or a re-seller.

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