Project management

Create & manage your projects with progress tracking


Considering Project as a whole, a Project Task is a piece of work allocated to a user or a group that should be accomplished within defined period of time.This module can also be used independently without associating with Projects module. A Project Task can be assigned to a group or any individual user to accomplish the task within the specified timeline.

Project Tasks

Admin can assign project task to user for specific date time with full details and also they can be track the status and progress of the task.

Project Milestones

Project Milestones determine the phase of great significance within project schedule. In real time scenario, like stones are placed beside roads starting the portion of journey has been completed, project milestones also indicate important achievements in project. It gives you an idea on how project is advancing. Many more modules included like Organization, Contact management, Customize Dashboard, Product & Services

Lead Management System

is a comprehensive module to handle complete lead management process. The module covers all major feature from lead capture to assignment to closure


Sales Automation

module helps sales team to plan, prioritize daily activities such as calls, followups & Visits. The module consists of Activity Screen, Due Date, Time, SMS Reminders, Activity Completion Notes.


Sales Pipeline Management

or Sales Funnel module helps sales team to prfioritize, forecast , focus & win high probable sales opportunities. The module consists of Opportunities, Expected Close Date for Winning, Win/Lose Analysis, Proposal, Opportunity Value & Activity History.


CRM Reporting & Analytics

he module is a powerful business intelligence tool that helps the management team to analyse complete sales performance. The report engine is dynamic, flexible & easy to use such that users can take the customised reports as per business requirements.

crm reporting
digital marketing campaign

Marketing & Promotion

Create & track with analysis reports of the promotion and marketing. AUTORESPONDERZ CRM campaigns module allows you to design, create, track, and optimize your marketing initiatives. Marketing campaign goals can vary, from generating brand or promotion awareness, to obtaining new leads, converting leads to new sales, or encouraging existing clients to purchase more products or services. Manages campaigns from start to end, including setting up target customers, automating workflows and measuring success based on clearly defined metrics.

Quotation, Sales Order & Invoice

Create, manage, print & share your Quotation, Sales Order & Invoice


A Quote is a formal statement issued by seller to the prospective buyer, basically on a request for a quotation. It contains the detailed list of Products and Services, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved, Address information, Terms and Discounts. Quotation send by email and sms to the customer. User can share quotation print on whatsapp.

Sales Order

Sales Order is an internal document generated within the company after the Purchase Order is received. It helps your sales team track all the Products or Services that should be manufactured, shipped etc according to the agreed prices and dates. Sales Order comprises Sales Order number, Billing and Shipping Address, Products or Services, Prices and Taxes, Terms and Discounts. User can share Sales Order print on whatsapp.

Sales Invoice

An invoice is a non negotiable itemized statement issued by a seller for the Products and Services rendered to the buyer. Invoice can also be called as a Bill in simple words. It usually contains the Products or Services details, Prices and Taxes, Dates, Parties involved, Address information, Terms and Discounts.User can share Sales Invoice print on whatsapp.

Purchase & Inventory

Create, manage, print & share your Purchase & Inventory

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a legal document handled over to a vendor to purchase Products or Services. It offers you a channel to explain your requirements and intentions explicitly. Purchase Orders comprise the purchase order number, vendor details, product or service details, terms and conditions, prices, etc. User can share Purchase Order print on whatsapp.

Vendor Management

A vendor is a person or organization that supplies Products or Services to your company. A vendor can also be a manufacturer or a re-seller.