Powerful sales management software for high-velocity sales

Build a fail-safe sales management process
Powerful sales management software for high-velocity sales

Smart solution for sales lead management

Lead Distribution

Set rules to automatically assign leads to salespeople as soon as they come in.

Sales Notifications

Set rules to alert salespeople as soon as their leads take an important action.

Lead Qualification

Score and qualify your leads automatically and help your salespeople prioritize their tasks.

Sales Funnel Movement

Automatically move your leads down the funnel. Change lead stages based on activities.

Follow-ups and Tasks

Automatically assign follow-ups and tasks to your salespeople to help plan their day.

Sales Tracking

Track everything – conversations, activities, salespeople, and closures.

Manage your teams & define their roles

Territory Management

Define your sales territories, user hierarchies, goals and user permissions accordingly.

Day Planning

Sales performance management software to plan your salespeople’s day including meetings, routes, tasks, and more.

Role-based Access

Ensure that your agents can access only the leads and data relevant to them to ensure field-level security.

Guided Actions

Whether you are a B2C business or B2B, sales time management is crucial. Guide your team of the next best action based on your sales process.

Sales Regimentation

Dynamic forms to show your agents only relevant fields to ensure high productivity and 0 manual errors.

Hierarchy-based Reporting

Get hierarchy-wise insights into the performance of each region, team, salesperson, and more

Real-time sales dashboards

Conversation Tracking

Keep a track of emails sent by your team, as well as the open & click rates.

Field Meetings

A real-time metric on the meetings your field agents have every day.

Calling Reports

Keep a tab on the call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers.

Sales Closure Reports

Keep a tab on all the deals your reps have closed against their commitment.

Pipeline Reports

Track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your teams and reps.

Activities Vs Revenue

Track the revenue contributed by each rep and shortfalls vs. the activities performed.

Get complete overview of your sales operations

Get a tight grip on your sales process. Monitor every aspect of your sales – leads, funnel, salespeople, and revenue. Know exactly where the leads are in your pipeline, track their movement down the sales funnel, sales closures, and more. The cloud-based sales management CRM also helps you access and update data (based on sales activity) on the go.

Get complete overview of your sales operations

A robust sales management system to manage escalations

Notify sales managers in case of important sales activities or inaction on a salesperson’s part. For instance: Notify managers when a positive sales interaction has occurred but, there have been no follow-up actions on the lead for the past 21 days.